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Guerrilla Solar

Back in the old days of Home Power magazine, before the Sunny Boy and Fronius, when the SW was the staple, and made by Trace, when wiring diagrams weren’t usually just a massive series string of modules…. Well, there was a little inverter called the Micro Sine, made by Trace. A 100w 12v or 24v […]

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Mini-Solar V.3 – Maybe I Got It Right This Time

I’ve been working on a small battery-based photovoltaic solar-power system for the last, well, 5? 7? years- it’s been a long while. Since I first bought the modules, charge controller and small inverter I’ve been reconfiguring the parts every couple years with hope that it’ll finally “work” and be “done”… but it never has been. […]

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Station Wagon Solar Roof and Solar Sub- Self Sufficient Sonic Splendor

Toyota has been advertising the “Solar Roof” option for the new 2010 Prius- it’s basically a solar module integrated into the roof panel that runs the cabin ventilation fan on hot and sunny days. Simple enough- but what they didn’t tell you is that you can have a solar roof on any car- obviously!

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Solar Power is GO

It was dissappointing to confirm that my Prosine inverter was toasted– so I hadn’t gotten around to working on the system for a while. Today I remembered that I have an old modified sine wave inverter in storage from the first and never functional version of the solar power system- I dug it out and […]

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1/2 Ton of Batteries

… very nearly, that is. First, I picked up a pair of L16s to wire into the little photovoltaic system I set up years ago- and never bought proper batteries for. I had an inverter on the system (prosine 1000), but it seems to have broken at some point- I don’t know when or how, […]

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