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Since I last posted about running the Bike on a 12S LiPo setup (44.4 V Nom.) I did some work on the setup- I sewed up a bag for the four 6s packs with padding, and took it on my work commute last Wednesday. Things went well in the morning- cut my biking time in […]

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Ditch the Lead

I finally took the plunge on some hobby airplane-style Lithium battery parts for the ebike- it’s needed it for so long! Goodies! That’s 4x 6x Zippy 30 C 5AH packs, 24 Headway 38120 cells, a Hyperion EOS1420i Net3 charger and a Revolectrix Cellpro Powerlab8 charger, as well as a new Cycle Analyst and a nice […]

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More Lead for More Speed

In an impulsive move the day before the Refuel event at Laguna Seca back on June 26th, I decided to add another 20AH SLA battery to the  Poly-V bike, and swap the controller out for an “40 A Infineon” controller I bought a while back for another bike. I was curious to see how […]

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More Faux-Regen: Because I Just Had To Push It

Last time I faux-regen’d on the bike I hit -4.9A, or about 120w. Today, with a bigger hill… That’s fifteen amps back into the battery. At least 350w. But how? Yeah, 35mph is how. I could feel a slight drag on the bike when I opened the throttle, less drag with it closed. As I […]

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How It Came To Be- The Big-Ass Billet Pulley

Once I decided to run a single stage poly-v belt reduction on the e-bike instead of a two-stage timing belt/chain reduction on the advice of Bob Schneeveis I set about figuring out how I was going to come by a foot diameter rear pulley for the bike, preferably a really sweet one, in line with […]

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Finding the E-Bike’s limits

A common question asked in these parts when I am describing the power and speed capabilities of the electric bike is “Well, can it scale Marin?”. Marin is an extremely steep street, notoriously and constantly steep- it goes from bottom to the top of the same hill I climbed last time, just in less than […]

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An Electric Bike Future? Count Me In

Cars are great, cars are fun- but if you’re looking for ultimate efficiency it’s hard to beat a bicycle. Pedaled or powered a bike will get your butt across town using a tiny fraction of the energy practically any other conveyance would. Meet my latest project: I’ve been working on the parts for this bike […]

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End The Adapter Blues

When you get bad adapters, make bad adapteraide- Wait, that doesn’t work… Never make what you can buy- Hmm, that doesn’t work either… After getting burned by the thesuperkids adapter I decided to bite the bullet and make a better one in the machine shop with tight fitting bores, a D-shaped bore for good torque […]

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Don’t Buy The thesuperkids Shaft Adapter

I’m working on putting together an electric bike using a surplus Kollmorgen “Hi-Kol” BLDC motor- more on that later. I’ve gone back and forth about ways to interface with that stubby short little stepped, D shaped shaft on the Hi-Kol- I had gotten fed up with imagining nasty little systems of bushings and decided it […]

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