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REFUEL 2010 at Laguna Seca Pt. 1- Me

Now in its second year, the REFUEL all-electric expo and race at Laguna Seca Raceway was held last Sunday, the 11th of July. Held by Speed Ventures, it’s an opportunity for owners of electric cars or motorcycles to drive on track in a track-day setting, as well as compete in a time trial style race […]

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Back in DC/DC again

Despite the troubles I was having before, the DC/DC converter has mended itself and appears to be working entirely as it should. It looks like the problem was caused by enabling the converter with the ignition signal before the precharge was done. The idea being that the precharge circuit is usually used in situations where […]

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Back in Action

After having the last couple weeks of my life stolen by first illness, then jury duty, I’m finally back in control and ready to get the stuff that needs to get done done to make the projects that need to happen happen- like the car and the kart. I didn’t shave until I was booted […]

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One Step Closer: New DC/DC

In the seemingly never-ending parade of not-quite dialed in and failed components preventing the EV Miata from being able to be a car instead of a project the latest issue arose with the DC/DC converter. After spending a couple days working on the stupid battery balancing system, thinking it had a better chance of being […]

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Long Overdue: EV Miata First Start Video

If you watch the site you will know that I have gotten the electric car registered, driven it in a parade, and that it is entirely functional. But before all that, I had to power it up for the first time ever. That day, I invited friends over and we took video, which is now, […]

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New Suspension- and the Solano Stroll

As I wrote before I decided to install ground control coilover kits and KYB AGX shocks onto the EV. I did just that last week. The install went quite easily, using these pages for reference. Before: The only thing I found a bit unclear in the above linked direcions was how to reattach the ball […]

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Suspension problem- reaching a solution

I did a little more reading tonight and made up my mind on a suspension solution for the Miata- I’m going with Ground Control coilovers and KYB AGX shock absorbers. Simple enough, plenty of people have done it before. Tons of adjustability. Reading these pages about the AGXs and coilovers help reassure that this is […]

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Making progress on Loose Ends

I’ve got three big areas that need work on the car: Overloaded suspension Plug-n-Play chargability Amp-hour/range remaining instrumentation

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Photo Journo: Wayland Invitational 2009

Some of the photos have clicky links to relevant pages. Mouseover to see if you get the little clicky linky hand. Bunches more photos lie BELOW- click “Continue Reading”!

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Massive update

A lot has happened since June 8th, when I wrote the last post- Let’s get all that out of the way and move move on to what’s new- I visited ohio and drove my great-uncle Cal’s tractor on the old family farm: The semester ended, I got good grades. As I have hinted, I drove […]

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