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The Alien Torch

The alien torch- finally documented! After practically a year, I’ve finally put up the photos/descriptions I was planning for the Alien Torch! What is the alien torch? You may have seen the thumbnail on the homepage recently– Now, for your visual pleasure, check out all the photos here! This is my first try at the […]

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CNC Bike Headlight – Part 3

Thinking about a proper name for this project- “Mega Beaminator”… what do you think? Yesterday I finished running the 2nd operation on the “nose ring” lens retainer piece- as I mentioned last time I opened up the ID behind the threads just enough to make slight pressure on an o-ring dropped into the thread relief […]

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CNC Bike Headlight- Pt. 2

In between busy weeks at work and a week off in Ohio attending to family stuff I’ve been moving along with the bike headlight, making progress but coming home too tired to post anything. An update is in store. First I finished running out the first operation on the “light body” part on the Hass […]

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CNC Bike Headlight – Pt. 1

In order to take advantage of my access to the Laney College CNC machine shop over the summer while there are no classes in session I designed a bike headlight to be made out of Aluminum, in collaboration with my electrical engineer friend Cuyler. He’s already designed a CC/CV boost drive/BMS circuit for a 2S […]

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The Most Advanced Scotch Tape Dispenser. In The World.

It’s absolute overkill. Over a pound of 6061 aluminum, every part CNC machined and yes, it’s just a scotch tape dispenser. This is the creation of the Advanced CNC class at Laney College as taught by Bob Rice. I programmed and machined all the parts from drawings using MasterCAM, a Chevalier toolroom mill and a […]

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How It Came To Be- The Big-Ass Billet Pulley

Once I decided to run a single stage poly-v belt reduction on the e-bike instead of a two-stage timing belt/chain reduction on the advice of Bob Schneeveis I set about figuring out how I was going to come by a foot diameter rear pulley for the bike, preferably a really sweet one, in line with […]

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I wanna ShopBot

The ShopBot CNC router hasn’t always been an object of desire for me- It’s easy to judge it as inferior because it doesn’t use linear rail bearings, ballscrews or servo motors in favor of ball bearings on rails, rack and pinion gears and gearhead steppers. I have learned more of the capabilities and strengths of […]

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More CNC Thoughts

I’ve been thinking more about how I would I’m going to build a CNC mill. My earlier ideas have changed a bit, some a lot. I’m not going to try to use servos, it is worth more to me to get the machine usable quickly, and the HobbyCNC stepper boards are pretty nice. It would […]

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CNC Thoughts

Building a small CNC mill has been one of those projects I have thought about dozens of times over the years but have never initiated. It’s come up again now, and maybe this is the right time. I would really like to be able to cut parts out of acrylic and aluminum sheet, as well […]

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