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BAS Alternator- Part 2

The Plot Thickens… I worked on the alternator again this morning, I decided it was time to remove the pulley and get the case open, one way or another. I beat on the pulley with a hammer some more, put some penetrating oil on it, pried at it, and just as I was about to […]

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GM BAS Alternator

A little background: GM has two lines of hybrid vehicles, large full size truck “Two Mode” systems, which are a little bit like a Prius torque-split bred with an automated manual, with a few extra clutches and planetary sets thrown in for good measure, and the decidedly underwhelming “BAS” belt-alternator-starter mild hybrid/start-stop system. The BAS […]

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Since I last posted about running the Bike on a 12S LiPo setup (44.4 V Nom.) I did some work on the setup- I sewed up a bag for the four 6s packs with padding, and took it on my work commute last Wednesday. Things went well in the morning- cut my biking time in […]

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Ditch the Lead

I finally took the plunge on some hobby airplane-style Lithium battery parts for the ebike- it’s needed it for so long! Goodies! That’s 4x 6x Zippy 30 C 5AH packs, 24 Headway 38120 cells, a Hyperion EOS1420i Net3 charger and a Revolectrix Cellpro Powerlab8 charger, as well as a new Cycle Analyst and a nice […]

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More Lead for More Speed

In an impulsive move the day before the Refuel event at Laguna Seca back on June 26th, I decided to add another 20AH SLA battery to the  Poly-V bike, and swap the controller out for an “40 A Infineon” controller I bought a while back for another bike. I was curious to see how […]

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In Search Of Cheap Fast

Since last time’s disappointment with the performance of the “Alt-Kart” set up with Mars BLDC motor and malfunctioning (now dead) Sevcon PMAC controller it’s been on my summer list to make the kart fast- not perfect, just cheap dirty and fast. To that effect, and to celebrate the ending of summer vacation (classes start tomorrow, […]

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How Much Electric Kart Can You Build in a Day?

Last week I rebuilt the kart with fresh fasteners and axle bearings, plus picked up a steering wheel and some #35 sprockets. Then, once the Mars motor looked repaired and good to go onto the kart I picked up a handful of 7/8 keyed #35 sprockets from Surplus Center. The parts were forecast to arrive […]

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Breaking and Fixing the Mars BLDC Brushless Motor

Here’s the short version: Because we are cheap, my friend picked up a Mars “Brushless Etek” BLDC motor from Ebay user “megadan” who has been selling these motors for about half price, with the catch that they are shipped with an odd and difficult to deal with shaft adapter (I’m starting to get used to […]

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Full Speed Ahead

I’m really looking forward to driving this one. Of course it will be electric. Yes, a steering wheel is on the shopping list.

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More Faux-Regen: Because I Just Had To Push It

Last time I faux-regen’d on the bike I hit -4.9A, or about 120w. Today, with a bigger hill… That’s fifteen amps back into the battery. At least 350w. But how? Yeah, 35mph is how. I could feel a slight drag on the bike when I opened the throttle, less drag with it closed. As I […]

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