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I wanna ShopBot

The ShopBot CNC router hasn’t always been an object of desire for me- It’s easy to judge it as inferior because it doesn’t use linear rail bearings, ballscrews or servo motors in favor of ball bearings on rails, rack and pinion gears and gearhead steppers. I have learned more of the capabilities and strengths of […]

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More CNC Thoughts

I’ve been thinking more about how I would I’m going to build a CNC mill. My earlier ideas have changed a bit, some a lot. I’m not going to try to use servos, it is worth more to me to get the machine usable quickly, and the HobbyCNC stepper boards are pretty nice. It would […]

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CNC Thoughts

Building a small CNC mill has been one of those projects I have thought about dozens of times over the years but have never initiated. It’s come up again now, and maybe this is the right time. I would really like to be able to cut parts out of acrylic and aluminum sheet, as well […]

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