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Looking a Lot Like an Electric Car

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Solar Power is GO

It was dissappointing to confirm that my Prosine inverter was toasted– so I hadn’t gotten around to working on the system for a while. Today I remembered that I have an old modified sine wave inverter in storage from the first and never functional version of the solar power system- I dug it out and […]

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Simulating Spin-Out Skid Marks

Sometimes you’ve got to write a script- like to generate a wreath out of cams… but for some things you’ve just got to bust out the magic markers and rubber bands- Gave me just the information I needed-

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Creative Radial Clones: SVG with Inkscape and PHP

Lately I’ve been working on drawing up some graphic desgin ideas I’ve had, mostly centering around the race team “Project Fate”… thinking along the lines of logos to try to figure out a team identity, aesthetic- imagery of engines, oil stuff, with a sort of old fashioned simple powerful monochrome theme. I’ve been working in […]

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Wiring Up

I spent a good many hours today working on the car- got a lot done, and boy is it plenty hard work. I basically just ran the necesesary power cables front/back under the car. You can kind of see there, the welding cable is run in orange “Smurf Tube” from the home depot. It is […]

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LeMons Arse-Freeze: Year Two

This year’s Arse Freeze-A-Palooza is still many months off, it’s true. But in the members of Project Fate’s collective busyness and brokeness, we decided it would be wise to shoot for one LeMons race a year for now- so Arse-Freeze ’09 is the goal. Last year we scrambled to get our racecar ready for Arse-Freeze […]

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I wanna ShopBot

The ShopBot CNC router hasn’t always been an object of desire for me- It’s easy to judge it as inferior because it doesn’t use linear rail bearings, ballscrews or servo motors in favor of ball bearings on rails, rack and pinion gears and gearhead steppers. I have learned more of the capabilities and strengths of […]

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A Million Loose Ends

Along with continuing to work on assembling the battery monitor modules (Update soon—) I spent some time today taking care of a few issues that needed to be addressed on the Miata. First I replaced the tangle of inline ATC fuse holders as seen above with a much tidier marine/RV ATC fuse block I purchased […]

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1/2 Ton of Batteries

… very nearly, that is. First, I picked up a pair of L16s to wire into the little photovoltaic system I set up years ago- and never bought proper batteries for. I had an inverter on the system (prosine 1000), but it seems to have broken at some point- I don’t know when or how, […]

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