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The Moron Fireplace

First Man had Fire. Fire would be found in a pit or later a fireplace. With fire came soot and smoke. Eventually Man put his fireplace behind a pane of glass, eliminating smoke in his dwelling. And again Man figured out that he could have a fireplace burning gas that did away with smoke and […]

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REFUEL 2010 at Laguna Seca Pt. 2- Everyone Else

Since I already posted about my experience at Refuel 2010 now it’s time to look at who all else was there. I was excited to see Palatov Motorsport’s cars. I visited the Palatov shop last July in Portland but at the time the dp1 was out of the shop and the dp4 hadn’t been built […]

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REFUEL 2010 at Laguna Seca Pt. 1- Me

Now in its second year, the REFUEL all-electric expo and race at Laguna Seca Raceway was held last Sunday, the 11th of July. Held by Speed Ventures, it’s an opportunity for owners of electric cars or motorcycles to drive on track in a track-day setting, as well as compete in a time trial style race […]

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Back in DC/DC again

Despite the troubles I was having before, the DC/DC converter has mended itself and appears to be working entirely as it should. It looks like the problem was caused by enabling the converter with the ignition signal before the precharge was done. The idea being that the precharge circuit is usually used in situations where […]

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Back in Action

After having the last couple weeks of my life stolen by first illness, then jury duty, I’m finally back in control and ready to get the stuff that needs to get done done to make the projects that need to happen happen- like the car and the kart. I didn’t shave until I was booted […]

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