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How to Charge Your EV’s AGM SLA Batteries

This is a work in progress- I am working on planning how the battery regulators for the car are going to work. One key part of that process is deciding on the actual optimal charging procedure for the Optima-type AGM battery. One often-seen charging procedure is the “three-stage charging” process. It consists of three distinct […]

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A Tach for the Truck

Because my principal goal with this website is to post widely appreciable and useful content… here I bring you: How to install a ’60s Jaguar tachometer in a ’68 Dodge Sweptline 1/2 Ton Pickup. Heh, all kidding aside, this is a little project I have thought about for a while, and it came together nicely. […]

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The Home Stretch

As you can tell from the last post- I’ve driven the Miata. I worked hard Friday and all weekend to make it come together for Sunday’s drive- while I edit the video from Sunday, I’ll post up my photos of the work I did to get ready- all the final wiring and mounting/integration– The first […]

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It Drove Today

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New Business Cards

I made myself some business cards last night- meet me in person and I’ll give you one! They’re simply laser-printed on off-white 110# card stock. It’s not as heavy as typical business card stock, but I think it’s good enough.

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Project FATE 300zx Back to its Old Self

That’s right folks, the Project FATE Nissan racecar fixed itself and is ready to go. Jonathan and I went to the Pick and Pull and thoroughly inspected the valvetrain construction of a 300zx there, based on that decided that the best first step to fixing ours was to let it run for a good while, […]

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More Phone Hackery

As I feared, the antenna support on my phone was not destined to last, it broke completely off shortly after the last post. What I did next is best shown through pictures: The material is “JB Stick Weld” epoxy putty. So far it seems quite secure, reception is normal. I don’t want to risk breaking […]

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Cell Ringer is GO

Several months ago when it became annoyingly clear that my 2 year old “Razr” phone was slowly dying I picked up a cheap out of contract Motorola E815 on eBay to replace it- I’ve been impressed with the phone, it gets excellent reception and battery life and I really enjoyed putting goofy MP3 ringtones on […]

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