1/2 Ton of Batteries

… very nearly, that is.

img_7383First, I picked up a pair of L16s to wire into the little photovoltaic system I set up years ago- and never bought proper batteries for. I had an inverter on the system (prosine 1000), but it seems to have broken at some point- I don’t know when or how, and I was informed that the prosine inverters are non-repairable. The charging circuit and charge controller are working just fine- the batteries are sitting there float charging. Unfortunately I have no way to use that power at the moment, I need to get some 12v CFLs and hack up a 12v powered MacBook charger, and maybe pick up a new inverter.

dscn1946Second, and also purchased through Jim Ramos at American Battery in Hayward, 12 brand new, matched Optima Yellow Tops (D34) for the car! Wow, that’s a bunch of batteries! Things are looking good, so far they fit just fine in all my racks and boxes! I figure I should be able to test drive the car within a few good days of work- tieing up all the loose ends with the charging system and various plexiglass sheilds I plan to install over things will take a bit longer.

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