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CNC Bike Headlight – Part 3

Thinking about a proper name for this project- “Mega Beaminator”… what do you think? Yesterday I finished running the 2nd operation on the “nose ring” lens retainer piece- as I mentioned last time I opened up the ID behind the threads just enough to make slight pressure on an o-ring dropped into the thread relief […]

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Since I last posted about running the Bike on a 12S LiPo setup (44.4 V Nom.) I did some work on the setup- I sewed up a bag for the four 6s packs with padding, and took it on my work commute last Wednesday. Things went well in the morning- cut my biking time in […]

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Ditch the Lead

I finally took the plunge on some hobby airplane-style Lithium battery parts for the ebike- it’s needed it for so long! Goodies! That’s 4x 6x Zippy 30 C 5AH packs, 24 Headway 38120 cells, a Hyperion EOS1420i Net3 charger and a Revolectrix Cellpro Powerlab8 charger, as well as a new Cycle Analyst and a nice […]

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