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The Most Advanced Scotch Tape Dispenser. In The World.

It’s absolute overkill. Over a pound of 6061 aluminum, every part CNC machined and yes, it’s just a scotch tape dispenser. This is the creation of the Advanced CNC class at Laney College as taught by Bob Rice. I programmed and machined all the parts from drawings using MasterCAM, a Chevalier toolroom mill and a […]

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TTXGP in the USA: Round 1 Infineon Raceway May 16, 2010

I had the privilege of attending the first ever US TTXGP All-electric motorcycle road race on Sunday May 16th at Infineon Raceway. I arrived with uncertain expectations about the nature of the race- I was impressed by the innovation and variation in the bikes and the determination of the teams. Here are the results in […]

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How It Came To Be- The Big-Ass Billet Pulley

Once I decided to run a single stage poly-v belt reduction on the e-bike instead of a two-stage timing belt/chain reduction on the advice of Bob Schneeveis I set about figuring out how I was going to come by a foot diameter rear pulley for the bike, preferably a really sweet one, in line with […]

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Back in the USSR

At the Hudson Club meet at the Portola Valley Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (MVTF) we were given a tour of the massive (literally) collection of tanks, engines, guns, shells, jeeps and various tracked and 4, 8, 12,… wheeled killing machines. While that’s not really my cup of tea, I wandered around and found a few […]

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Photo Journo: Wayland Invitational 2009

Some of the photos have clicky links to relevant pages. Mouseover to see if you get the little clicky linky hand. Bunches more photos lie BELOW- click “Continue Reading”!

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Photo Journo: Alameda County Fair 2009

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Photo Journo — Berkeley High School Graduation 2009

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