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Breaking and Fixing the Mars BLDC Brushless Motor

Here’s the short version: Because we are cheap, my friend picked up a Mars “Brushless Etek” BLDC motor from Ebay user “megadan” who has been selling these motors for about half price, with the catch that they are shipped with an odd and difficult to deal with shaft adapter (I’m starting to get used to […]

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Look What I’ve Made- Window Screens

Simple as that-

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DIY Autocross Magnetic Car Numbers

What do you need if you are going to an autocross event with a racecar that has one number on the side, but you are going to be running two drivers? Well, you need another detachable number! What about if that racecar has beautiful but easily-lifted purple and yellow house paint on it? Well, you […]

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Station Wagon Solar Roof and Solar Sub- Self Sufficient Sonic Splendor

Toyota has been advertising the “Solar Roof” option for the new 2010 Prius- it’s basically a solar module integrated into the roof panel that runs the cabin ventilation fan on hot and sunny days. Simple enough- but what they didn’t tell you is that you can have a solar roof on any car- obviously!

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A Tach for the Truck

Because my principal goal with this website is to post widely appreciable and useful content… here I bring you: How to install a ’60s Jaguar tachometer in a ’68 Dodge Sweptline 1/2 Ton Pickup. Heh, all kidding aside, this is a little project I have thought about for a while, and it came together nicely. […]

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More Phone Hackery

As I feared, the antenna support on my phone was not destined to last, it broke completely off shortly after the last post. What I did next is best shown through pictures: The material is “JB Stick Weld” epoxy putty. So far it seems quite secure, reception is normal. I don’t want to risk breaking […]

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Cell Ringer is GO

Several months ago when it became annoyingly clear that my 2 year old “Razr” phone was slowly dying I picked up a cheap out of contract Motorola E815 on eBay to replace it- I’ve been impressed with the phone, it gets excellent reception and battery life and I really enjoyed putting goofy MP3 ringtones on […]

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