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What’s In A Gauge

I’m a sucker for vehicular gauges. I have been for a long time. I’ve collected junkyard gauges- I’ve got ideas for gauges I’d like to make for vehicles I’d like to make (you know how it is). Last weekend’s visit to the MVTF was good fodder for some good gauge photos.

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LeMons Sears Pointless 2010

My racing team ran in the Sears Pointless LeMons race last weekend at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma- I chose not to drive but stuck around the whole weekend to support my team and work on the car. It was definitely our best LeMons race yet- we had virtually no problems with the car, only a […]

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Step Down Into a Hudson

My friend Alan is the owner of a lovely 1950 Hudson Commodore 6 Sedan, and is a member of the Northern California Hudson Club. Last weekend the club planned a meetup in Portola Valley on the Peninsula, to visit and tour the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation’s museum there. Alan invited me along- we drove in […]

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The Insanity of the Economy

Browsing BoingBoing today I saw this article. I clicked through and looked through the photos posted on the auction website. It’s worth a look. Here’s the story: wikipedia Chrysler’s Newark Assembly plant in Newark, Delaware built tanks between 1951 and 1957, and cars between 1957 and 2009, including LeBarons, Town and Countrys, and most recently […]

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The fragile fabric

Driving back to Albany from Santa Rosa on Sunday I witnessed a pretty gnarly car crash. Basically- I noticed this aggressive driver in a black Passat with frat letters on the back when they passed me on the right. Drifting around in the lane, uneven acceleration. Decided to give them wide berth. As I followed […]

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Rabbit Diesel

Something strikes me as pretty funny about the car in this picture. Probably because I expect the driving experience in a diesel rabbit has got to be pretty wretched. Hey- I’ve got nothing but respect for terrible econoboxes boldly proclaiming their worst attributes!

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A Tach for the Truck

Because my principal goal with this website is to post widely appreciable and useful content… here I bring you: How to install a ’60s Jaguar tachometer in a ’68 Dodge Sweptline 1/2 Ton Pickup. Heh, all kidding aside, this is a little project I have thought about for a while, and it came together nicely. […]

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Project FATE 300zx Back to its Old Self

That’s right folks, the Project FATE Nissan racecar fixed itself and is ready to go. Jonathan and I went to the Pick and Pull and thoroughly inspected the valvetrain construction of a 300zx there, based on that decided that the best first step to fixing ours was to let it run for a good while, […]

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LeMons Arse-Freeze: Year Two

This year’s Arse Freeze-A-Palooza is still many months off, it’s true. But in the members of Project Fate’s collective busyness and brokeness, we decided it would be wise to shoot for one LeMons race a year for now- so Arse-Freeze ’09 is the goal. Last year we scrambled to get our racecar ready for Arse-Freeze […]

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Racing is Expensive

I read Jalopnik regularly, so I became aware this morning of the link they posted to Speed:Sport:Life about the expense of racing. I’m still not totally sure what the purpose of the article is, I guess it’s just to educate people who weren’t aware- and I guess that’s reasonable enough. I have always assumed that […]

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