More Faux-Regen: Because I Just Had To Push It

Last time I faux-regen’d on the bike I hit -4.9A, or about 120w. Today, with a bigger hill…

That’s fifteen amps back into the battery. At least 350w. But how?

Yeah, 35mph is how. I could feel a slight drag on the bike when I opened the throttle, less drag with it closed. As I expected.

And yeah, that’s faster than I’ve ever been on the bike, or any bike. I couldn’t hardly see from the tears getting blown around in my eyes. The force of wind against my chest was pretty impressive. I think I’ll keep it under 30 in the future.

It seems to begin to Faux-regen at about 28mph. 30 gives you about 5A. I should really pick up a real regen controller 🙂

Posted on May 21, 2010 at 10:21 am by Henry · Permalink
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