Don’t Buy The thesuperkids Shaft Adapter

I’m working on putting together an electric bike using a surplus Kollmorgen “Hi-Kol” BLDC motor- more on that later. I’ve gone back and forth about ways to interface with that stubby short little stepped, D shaped shaft on the Hi-Kol- I had gotten fed up with imagining nasty little systems of bushings and decided it was worth the money just to get the premade shaft adapter- $25 after shipping in fact.

Spoiler: it’s junk. Read more-

And of course- the only thing worse than paying too much for something is paying too much for something that is truly worthless- which the kollmorgen shaft adapter is. Worthless. First. No D-shaped bore. The shaft pin transfers all the torque into the adapter. And it’s shipped with a crappy little roll pin. Second. The bores are about .002″ – .003″ oversize. On a shaft so short that means that the fit is very loose. Which brings us to problem number three. It doesn’t run true. The real dealbreaker.

And in the usual way of online shopping I spent $25 and would get $9.60 back if I returned it, minus whatever it costs me to ship it back. The Kollmorgen Hi-Kol motor is a really nice little unit and still a good deal (I paid $65) but dealing with that shaft is tricky and this is NOT THE WAY.

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