Suspension problem- reaching a solution


I did a little more reading tonight and made up my mind on a suspension solution for the Miata- I’m going with Ground Control coilovers and KYB AGX shock absorbers. Simple enough, plenty of people have done it before. Tons of adjustability. Reading these pages about the AGXs and coilovers help reassure that this is a good and easy way to go, as well as the mention on this page of a 3200 lb miata using this setup. I’m just ready to stop worrying about it and get something reasonably priced, proven and simple on the car. I think the main thing keeping me from driving it now besides charging being still a bit of a pain is the ridiculously bad ride and allignment. I don’t want to get it alligned until I put suspension on it, and the ride won’t improve until I put suspension on it. It’s just not fun to drive like it is now. It doesn’t coast well and bumps and ruts are really unpleasant. And the steering wheel points about 70Ëš off straight when the wheels are straight. It’s the little things.

The KYB AGXs are not supposed to be used for cars with ABS, as mine does have- the stock shocks have a little bracket welded on that supports the ABS wire. I figure I can make a replacement bracket and attach it with hose clamps or some such BS. Not a deal breaker.


I did manage to pick up some nice stock daisy rims with good Potenza tires reasonably cheap on craigslist- the car looks much better without the chrome abominations that were on it. Which I learned also don’t seal on the sidewall too well. I spontaneously got a flat tire- the guy at the tire shop said “these chrome plated alloy rims are trash”.

Looks like I may be able to get a spot in the Solano Stroll parade with the car- I should be able to get this suspension on by then… as well as giving it a good wash and wax (2 years overdue!)

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