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Zilla Coolant Redux

As I noted a while back, while I was pleased with the general concept and execution of the Nalgene water bottle as coolant reservoir, it had sprung a significant leak shortly after installation. Soon therafter the leaking increased heavily, draining approximately 1L of coolant in just a few hours. After inspection it quickly became clear […]

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How to Charge Your EV’s AGM SLA Batteries

This is a work in progress- I am working on planning how the battery regulators for the car are going to work. One key part of that process is deciding on the actual optimal charging procedure for the Optima-type AGM battery. One often-seen charging procedure is the “three-stage charging” process. It consists of three distinct […]

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The Home Stretch

As you can tell from the last post- I’ve driven the Miata. I worked hard Friday and all weekend to make it come together for Sunday’s drive- while I edit the video from Sunday, I’ll post up my photos of the work I did to get ready- all the final wiring and mounting/integration– The first […]

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It Drove Today

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Looking a Lot Like an Electric Car

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Wiring Up

I spent a good many hours today working on the car- got a lot done, and boy is it plenty hard work. I basically just ran the necesesary power cables front/back under the car. You can kind of see there, the welding cable is run in orange “Smurf Tube” from the home depot. It is […]

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A Million Loose Ends

Along with continuing to work on assembling the battery monitor modules (Update soon—) I spent some time today taking care of a few issues that needed to be addressed on the Miata. First I replaced the tangle of inline ATC fuse holders as seen above with a much tidier marine/RV ATC fuse block I purchased […]

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1/2 Ton of Batteries

… very nearly, that is. First, I picked up a pair of L16s to wire into the little photovoltaic system I set up years ago- and never bought proper batteries for. I had an inverter on the system (prosine 1000), but it seems to have broken at some point- I don’t know when or how, […]

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