Project FATE 300zx Back to its Old Self

That’s right folks, the Project FATE Nissan racecar fixed itself and is ready to go. Jonathan and I went to the Pick and Pull and thoroughly inspected the valvetrain construction of a 300zx there, based on that decided that the best first step to fixing ours was to let it run for a good while, that it would likely work out its problems.

(I would encourage you to click through to YouTube for the “HQ” version)

Now of course, while the engine was fixing itself it was also filling the neighborhood with noxious exhaust vapors- good times!


Can you smell it from there?

The 300zx valvetrain is seriously built tough! I was impressed! (This is the engine Jonathan and I dissected in the junkyard)


A rocker on its shaft, showing oil passages


Hydraulic lifters

Big springs, big cams

Big springs, big cams



After all day out at the junkyard and searching for steel for the trailer it was seriously uplifting to have the valve issues resolved. I am seriously looking forward to making our planned mods to the car now, and being able to bring it back for Arse-Freeze ’09!

Long day, job well done

Long day, job well done

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