Arse Freeze 2009 We’re IN! And, SPACE PIRAES

Last Saturday my LeMons team and I finished filing our application, complete with a brand new theme, a video and coordinated potraits. Monday we were accepted. Awesome. Proving that putting work into the application is worth it. Check out the video here.

The new theme is space pirates. We are space pirates. The car is a space pirate raceship. How about that!?

I’ve begun redecorating the car, taking it down to a blank slate.



DSCN3323Old paint stripped:

DSCN3338DSCN3337Rear window removed, the only possible way:

DSCN3330And two coats of primer, applied with a foam roller:

DSCN3340DSCN3342Blank slate indeed! Don’t worry, the rooster will make a re-appearance. Just for reference, a quart of primer is just about right for 2 coats on a 300zx with a foam roller…

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