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Bad Engineering and the Bay Bridge

On Bad Engineering On Tuesday (10/27/09) I was driving back from Laney College up to my home in Albany. A ways in advance of where 880 splits off for (I guess) 80E and 80W (Bay Bridge) I realized we were merging out of the left lanes for the Bay Bridge- with flares and cones. No […]

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DIY Autocross Magnetic Car Numbers

What do you need if you are going to an autocross event with a racecar that has one number on the side, but you are going to be running two drivers? Well, you need another detachable number! What about if that racecar has beautiful but easily-lifted purple and yellow house paint on it? Well, you […]

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Skateboard Nearing A Good Place

In order to get the Skateboard (Facebreaker) a little less rough I’ve worked on a few things over the last couple weeks. Build process previously documented here and here.

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The Electric Mega-Skate-Board AKA “Facebreaker” Rides

If you didn’t see it, take a look at the previous skateboard post for an idea what this is all about-

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Long Overdue: EV Miata First Start Video

If you watch the site you will know that I have gotten the electric car registered, driven it in a parade, and that it is entirely functional. But before all that, I had to power it up for the first time ever. That day, I invited friends over and we took video, which is now, […]

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