Battery Regulator- The Next Step


I finished the new board design a few days ago- I don’t think I’m an expert or anything, but definitely did a better job this time than I did on the prototype- Just to begin, I checked my schematics and footprints carefully. That in itself will make a big difference! I also got the overall size way down- from almost 24 in^2 to about 14 in^2. I spent some time refining and fixing up the silkscreen for usefulness and legibility, and ran DRC tests. I have at least 8 mil clearance throughout the board- It’d be nice to have more, but it is sufficient for the requirements of the board house. I ended up running a bunch of traces between pins of headers and DIP chips.

As with many projects, in order to move things along it’s now time to buy stuff.

So, am I some kind of high roller here? Spending all this money? No, but I have to finish this project right, and I am very lucky that my parents are supportive of my ambitions.

I am looking forward to testing this regulator system on a real battery pack- I think that’ll be coming pretty soon.

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