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Bad Engineering and the Bay Bridge

On Bad Engineering On Tuesday (10/27/09) I was driving back from Laney College up to my home in Albany. A ways in advance of where 880 splits off for (I guess) 80E and 80W (Bay Bridge) I realized we were merging out of the left lanes for the Bay Bridge- with flares and cones. No […]

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Station Wagon Solar Roof and Solar Sub- Self Sufficient Sonic Splendor

Toyota has been advertising the “Solar Roof” option for the new 2010 Prius- it’s basically a solar module integrated into the roof panel that runs the cabin ventilation fan on hot and sunny days. Simple enough- but what they didn’t tell you is that you can have a solar roof on any car- obviously!

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2,300 Miles Later

I have just yesterday arrived back from my great Northwest road-trip adventure- I spent two weeks in Oregon and Washington camping, staying with acquaintences, friends and relatives, meeting people, discussing electric car stuff, reading and thinking about the problems and projects in my life.

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Photo Journo: Alameda County Fair 2009

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Photo Journo — Berkeley High School Graduation 2009

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New Business Cards

I made myself some business cards last night- meet me in person and I’ll give you one! They’re simply laser-printed on off-white 110# card stock. It’s not as heavy as typical business card stock, but I think it’s good enough.

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I wanna ShopBot

The ShopBot CNC router hasn’t always been an object of desire for me- It’s easy to judge it as inferior because it doesn’t use linear rail bearings, ballscrews or servo motors in favor of ball bearings on rails, rack and pinion gears and gearhead steppers. I have learned more of the capabilities and strengths of […]

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The Military- Personal effectiveness and discipline

Last Monday (3/23/09), on the last day of my Dad’s and my weekend trip to Colorado we visited the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It was somewhat on impulse, it had not been part of the trip itinerary, as far as I was concerned. I did not have expectations for or preconceived thoughts […]

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Racing is Expensive

I read Jalopnik regularly, so I became aware this morning of the link they posted to Speed:Sport:Life about the expense of racing. I’m still not totally sure what the purpose of the article is, I guess it’s just to educate people who weren’t aware- and I guess that’s reasonable enough. I have always assumed that […]

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