Some Projects:


Honda Insight Electric


The first-generation Honda Insight makes an ideal electric car– with excellent underhood and rear cargo space, light weight, good aerodynamics, and even electric power steering. In its new configuration, the Insight weighs about the same as stock, has roughly as much power as stock with much better torque, and a 20kWh battery pack which is good for 100 miles depending on driving.

Status: An awesome daily driver


Formula SAE Electric: FE2

2014 – 2015

The UC Davis FSAE team’s second year effort was a huge step forward from the previous year, with far more efficient packaging allowing for a reduction in wheelbase, a denser battery pack with more capacity while reducing the vehicle weight by 100lbs, as well as a brand new suspension design. This ambitious approach was very nearly but not quite ready for competition at Lincoln 2015.

Status: To be built upon by future team!


Formula SAE Electric: FE1

2013 – 2014

The UC Davis FSAE team’s first foray into the new electric competition was a great success, with a 3rd place result overall, and taking the distinction as being the first USA team to ever successfully compete and the only USA team to run dynamic events at the 2014 Lincoln FSAE event.

Status: Successful and fully operational


Aprilia RS50 Electric

2013 – 2015

The pint-sized Italian sportbike RS50 is improved by the substitution of a 40kW PMAC drivetrain and 5kWh battery for its original 50cc 2-stroke engine.

Status: Useful and fun around town

Electric-Assist Bicycles

2010 – 2013

Adding electric assist to a bicycle can be an incredibly efficient and fun way to get around. Electric bikes can’t be beat in efficiency, fun and practicality for the energy and cost.

Status: Dormant

The Alien Torch


Starting as a final project in an introductory solid modelling class and turning into an exploration of previously unused fabrication techniques, the Alien torch is a sci-fi looking (and crazy bright) handheld lantern.

Status: complete

Electric Miata

2007 – 2012

1994 Miata conversion. A full size, road going electric conversion project designed for reasonable performance using lead acid batteries.

Status: Finished and sold.

CNC Machining Projects

2009 – 2014

Machining for art, machining for work, machining for school…

Status: Dormant