UC Davis FSAE: FE2




FE2 was built during the 2013-2014 school year for the 2015 FSAE-electric competition in Lincoln Nebraska. Coming away from the good success of our 2013-2014 season with a strong team and experience with the build cycle, we chose a much more ambitious approach in planning FE2. We aimed to address the real clear shortcomings of FE1:

We went a bit further than we ended up being able to deliver on into searching for a much more ideal vehicle. We nearly made it! Our goals included:

I was responsible for the design and construction of our traction battery pack and power electronics packaging, as well as collaborating on the design of our low voltage system, CAN network and reduction drive.


General Specifications

Wheelbase 1676 mm, 66 inches
Track Width 1295 mm, 51 inches
Weight without driver 249 kg, 550 pounds
Suspension and Chassis
Front Suspension Type Upper A-arm, lower multilink, pull rod
Rear Suspension Type Twin trailing link, inverted A-arm, pushrod
Tire type 20.5×7-13 R25B Hoosier
Frame Construction Tubular Space Frame, 1020 Seamless
Frame Mass 34 kg, 75 pounds
Motor and Drivetrain
Motor Type Zero Motorcycles Z-Force 75-7, qty 1
Maximum speed, torque and power 6500 RPM, 140NM (108 ft-lbs), 50 kw (67 HP)
Drive ratio, top speed 6:1, 61 mph
Drive type 530 Chain
Inverter Type Curtis 1239e 96V, 650A
Traction Battery Pack
Nominal, Max voltage, Configuration 102V, 116V, 28S3P
Capacity 75AH, Approx. 7.5 kWh
Peak Discharge Approx. 10C
Cell Type Farasis IMP-06160230-P25, Polymer, Pouch, NiCoMn Cathode

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