UC Davis FSAE: FE1



FE1 was built during the 2013-2014 school year for the 2014 FSAE-electric competition in Lincoln Nebraska. UC Davis had not built a ground-up vehicle in several years. There had been a combustion team at UCD as recently as 2007-2008, and a Hybrid team subsequent to that. FE1 was built only during the 9 months of the academic year with the primary goal of building a simple, steel framed, dual-drive, rules compliant vehicle and passing tech inspection. Due to the nascent nature of the competition, we had reason to expect that simply being able to participate in dynamic events would produce a good outcome regardless of achievement of ideal vehicle performance. As it turned out this goal was both well matched to our resources and indeed produced a good outcome. FE1 became the first vehicle from a USA university to completely qualify and run dynamic events at FSAE-electric, and the only one in the 2014 competition, allowing us to take third place overall.

The construction and campaigning of FE1 was an immense group effort which included engineering students from all academic years, culminating in the travel of 22 students and our adviser Roland Williams to Lincoln, NE.

I was mostly responsible for the design and construction of our traction battery pack, as well as collaborating on the design of our low voltage system, power electronics packaging, and dual-reduction drive. I also drove the during the brake test and first part of the endurance event.


General Specifications

Wheelbase 1720 mm, 68 inches
Track Width 1249 mm, 49 inches
Weight without driver 297 kg, 654 pounds
Suspension and Chassis
Suspension Type Double Unequal A-arm, Push-rod actuated spring/damper
Tire type 20.5×7-13 R25B Hoosier
Frame Construction Tubular Space Frame, 4130 Seamless
Frame Mass 39 kg, 86 pounds
Motor and Drivetrain
Motor Type Zero Motorcycles Z-Force 75-7, qty 2
Maximum speed, torque and power 6500 RPM, 90NM (66 ft-lbs), 40 kw (54 HP)
Drive ratio, top speed 4.54:1, 76 mph
Drive type ANSI 40 Chain
Inverter Type Sevcon Gen4 Size 4, 72-80V, 420A
Traction Battery Pack
Nominal, Max voltage, Configuration 102V, 116V, 28S3P
Capacity 60AH, Approx. 6 kWh
Peak Discharge Approx. 10C
Cell Type EIG C020B, Polymer, Pouch, NiCoMn Cathode

Also, see the single page of the FSAE Lincoln Program upon which our team E213 was printed.


The four teams at Lincoln 2014 to pass electrical tech-inspection: UC Davis, Unicamp, McGill and University of Washington.

Huge thanks to Lucas and Zac for sharing photos.