FE1 Traction Battery Pack


FE1’s traction battery pack is a single monolithic battery, built into a weather resistant rectangular prismatic aluminum box which is mounted in the chassis without protective bodywork. The pack and the chassis were designed together to allow the pack to be installed through the bottom of the chassis and bolt to the bottom side of tabs attached to the chassis tubes. This installation is done with the vehicle lifted onto stands and with the battery on a hydraulic lifting cart.

The pack is made up of four electrical sub-modules, each containing 1/4 of the cells and connected in series. As such, each sub-module is rated 1/4 of the total nominal voltage and the full nominal capacity. Each sub-module is mechanically the same and interchangeable.All of the supporting power-electronics for the traction pack (contactors, interface, current sensors, main fuse) are mounted to the bottom face of the lid of the enclosure. The lid plugs into the top and bottom connections on the cell stacks in basically the same manner than the center connections are placed in series by shorting-bar plugs. These end-connections blind-mate between the lid and the rest of the pack to allow the lid to be removed easily.

I think it makes the most sense to split details and build-photos into separate pages for the sub-modules and for the entire assembly:

I prepared detailed documentation of the accumulator enclosure design (with some help from my teammates!) for the purpose of the Electrical System Form submission to the competition. The pages relevant to the battery pack design are posted below: