Alien Torch Construction

Also see: The Alien Torch (main page), How the Alien Torch works.

The Torch was designed in Solidworks. 3d modelling was essential to being able to visualize how all these two dimensional parts would become a three dimensional form- as well, SolidWorks assembly features made it easy to design the notches, bosses and slots in the parts so that everything would fit together perfectly, the first time.

This video shows the model and an exploded view.

Freshly cut, deburred components, test fitting with rubber bands. The parts all fit together with slots so only light pressure from the rubber bands is required to hold it together.

The material is .250 thick 6061-T6511 Aluminum Plate. All the parts except the main inner tube were waterjet cut and TIG welded together. Besides some tapping and countersinking of holes, there were no secondary machining operations done on the parts. The parts were deburred and buffed using scotch brite wheels on a buffing machine.

The eleven parts, as sent to the waterjet shop, are pictured here in a 2D export from SolidWorks.

Flow waterjet at Mach 1 Waterjet in Alameda, CA. Thanks to John there who helped me with a great price, quick turnaround and great quality on these parts.

Miles K. TIG welding the light together at Laney College Welding.